Welcome To The BCB Blog

12 May, 2014 - Consumer & Retail

It is with great pride that we launch our new website for the BCB but with some trepidation that we also kick-off our blog.
We are all avidly reading ‘How to write a top ranking business blog’, generously donated by Victoria Tomlinson and friends at Northern Lights PR (@nlightspr), in the hope that we can quickly get up to speed and provide content here that you find interesting, helps inform you about the UAE and the BCB’s activities (that also ticks the SEO box for the website).
Please like, share, post and comment on what you see here and engage with us. We’d like to know if there are specific topics you want to read about. We’d also be delighted to have your input and content as guest bloggers, so please don’t be shy!
You also have our express permission to give us a kick if we’re slacking and content is slow to appear, out-dated or bland.