20 Aug, 2014 - UAE Life & Economy


Both the British Centres for Business and UKTI work toward building a UK business presence in the UAE.

So what is the difference between the two?

UKTI works to develop the reputation of the UK business environment abroad as a trusted advisor. It is an overseas champion of UK business, working towards building partnerships, maintaining friendships and making introductions. If a company wants to expand to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, UKTI is able to assist by offering advice and targeted market insight & knowledge.

Differing to this, the BCB is a business and market-entry incubator for British companies in the UAE. We help UK firms set up in the UAE by overseeing the company formation element, in tandem with local UAE government, taking care of the paperwork and red tape. A British company will often find their way to the UAE with UKTI, at which point – if the company is suitable for the incubator – it will be recommended to the BCB.

The BCB is the last stage of a company’s journey to company formation in the UAE.  After a year under our aegis the company would be expected to graduate and operate under its own steam, all the while with the unrelenting support of UKTI.