Recruitment In The UAE: Not The Same As In The UK

06 Jan, 2015 - Consumer & Retail


At the end of your year with the BCB you’ll be ready to graduate onto your own fully independent set up. This will most likely involve some form of staff recruitment in the UAE. There are many recruitment companies on the books of the BBGs (here and here); however it never hurts to conduct research ahead.

Here are five pointers to help you appreciate the uniqueness of the UAE employment market.

  1. There is currently no pension system for expats; therefore the UAE government has mandated that companies follow a gratuity system. Gratuity is a bonus paid at the end of service – the amount is based on salary and length of term.
  2. It is possible to specify the exact type of person you wish to hire. Job ads regularly mention nationality and gender in the UAE.
  3. Each employee must have a visa issued by the company and not all visas are equal. For example, entry to Saudi Arabia for a non-Muslim Brit requires a Management visa (which requires evidence of higher education). I mention non-Muslim as a Muslim can apply for a Hajj visa at any time.
  4. There is no minimum wage and often different nationalities will have different salary expectations and market levels.
  5. Emiratis make up circa 20% of the UAE population depending on which report you read. There is a constant drive by the government for private companies to focus on Emiratisation. Before you start hiring, find out how Emiratisation affects your company.


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