Renting An Office In Dubai

14 Apr, 2015 - Consumer & Retail


During your company’s incorporation with the BCB your business is registered to the BCB’s address and you’re also able to lease a flexi-desk in our offices too. This year-long period exists to help you build your business and mitigate costs in your crucial first year in market so that once the year is finished you can ‘graduate’ and set-up independently in the UAE. At that stage, naturally, you’ll need premises. The costs for office rentals differ depending on where your business will settle, but if you chose to settle in Dubai your property experience will be governed and protected by RERA, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

RERA was created in Dubai in 2007 and was the first such institution of its kind in the GCC, its model has since been duplicated elsewhere. There are many real estate companies operating in the UAE to help you source the right property for your business. Companies like JLL and Better Homes deal in properties throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi and there are myriad smaller firms to choose from. All registered brokers will have a Land Department number and its website hosts a wealth of information.

Of course, we’ll be on hand to support your exit from the BCB as much as possible – we have a shortlist of recommended real estate firms who are BBG members who can help – , but it never hurts to do a little homework before you arrive.

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