Dubai Opera District

19 May, 2015 - BCB


When one thinks of Dubai, Opera isn’t the first thought. That’s because historically Dubai isn’t an Opera town, so you’re forgiven for not making the connection. However, the people of Dubai are as diverse and cultured as those in any major city around the world.

To cater to this audience Dubai has created The Opera District, at the heart of which will be Dubai Opera – a dhow inspired auditorium in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa. The venue itself will be used for opera, theatre, concerts, art exhibitions, orchestra, film, sports events and seasonal programmes.

We’re pleased that Theatre Project UK is working on an exciting format where the space will have the flexibility to transform from a theatre to a concert hall to a flat floor! We’re also pleased that Jasper Hope has taken the CEO position of Dubai Opera (Mr. Hope was formerly with the Royal Albert Hall). Of course, the auditorium isn’t the only aspect. The Opera Grand already exists, a residential tower with views of the Dubai Mall Fountain.

Projects like this (Louvre Abu Dhabi as another example) are an effort by the UAE to foster a future in which thinking and creativity are as important to the economy as pearl fishing was a century ago.

Opera District

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