Expo 2020 Dubai: We Need Everything!

23 Aug, 2016 - UAE Life & Economy


Expo 2020 Dubai still seems a long way off. In reality however, it’s only the doors that open in 2020. Pre-event is well underway with more than 120 contracts already awarded. We’re going to need everything, literally.

Let’s look at what’s needed, in some cases, already:


Roads and infrastructure will need completing. This part of the project is already underway but will still require planners, architects, consultants, and more to finish the task. The event needs roads, but the people also need accommodation, shops, food and drink, entertainment, water facilities, and more. Of course much of this has to be designed by someone, models need to be made either physically or rendered online. Expo 2020 Dubai is not taking place in an already populated area of Dubai; Expo 2020 Dubai is being used to create a new area of the emirate itself.


Things need to be moved; people need to be moved. Currently the Expo site is still mostly sand. Nobody lives there, people working on the site need to transported. As do goods and materials for both construction and everyday needs. But, logistics for the site doesn’t only mean to the site. People working on the site and those visiting will need facilities closer to the site. It’s not ideal for someone to be living by the beach and heading to the site each day so naturally business like shops close to the site now will benefit – and they need stock transported in the same way the actual site needs materials.


The more business that gets generated the more contracts need to be signed. The more projects that get started the more accounting needs to be done, as with HR, training, procurement, IT, and every aspect of daily company life. Expo 2020 Dubai will create business for many – is already creating business for many.

These are the three areas that dominate the need at the moment however as time passes the area around the Expo site will blossom. Dubai Metro, buses, and taxis will start to arrive.  Malls will open, as will small shops offering everything from cans of soft drink to typing services. Dubai has approached Expo 2020 Dubai not as an event, but as if it was building a new city. Very honestly, we’re going to need everything. And contracts are already being awarded.

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