Meet the Team: Sheethal Rishi

25 Apr, 2017 - BCB

I moved to Dubai in 2005 and spent a good decade supporting the growth of the creative industries in the UAE.

The longest stint was at the British Council, managing their arts and creative economy programmes, linking the UK and UAE. Through the years, I got to understand and live in the fascinating world of artists, poets, writers, architects, photographers, designers and performers from both the worlds.

What I love about the work I do at the BCB is the exposure I get to creative entrepreneurs from different backgrounds. Specially with SMEs, the ambition to grow and enthusiasm to explore new territories is remarkable.

And what I love about UAE is the co-existence of past and future, of art and commerce equally! Yes, we have the world trade centre, DIFC, malls, souks – a vibrant trading environment. There are also the street-art nights, film and theatre festivals, walking tours through the city’s well-preserved wind tower houses, and my favourite; a 100 year old souk tucked away in Sharjah’s nostalgic corner.