Meet the Team: Vineetha Sony

10 May, 2017 - BCB


Dubai is where I started as a wife and mother of 2 before landing at the BCB as a Trade Manager. It has been home for over a decade now and the city has definitely  grown on me.

Having dabbled in various fields (from training to recruiting to event management); all my past experiences have been put to use in my current role where I  have helped various SMEs chart their course of action for the UAE. By virtue of being DIT’s delivery partners here, be it through market introductions, running events under the aegis of the Embassy or helping them set up here, it has been heartening to see how UK brands have been well received by local businesses across most sectors in the country. I view Dubai as this big sponge that soaks in all the advancements in every field and turns it into something even more efficient, spectacular and magnificent despite its limited dependence on oil.

Exciting and interesting times ahead, now that we are part of OCO Global, and ready to play a significant role in consulting, assessing the right fit and brokering meaningful connections between other major government entities around the world and UAE. Keep watching this space to know more.

When I am not busy contributing to major economies around the world and brokering peace treaties between my girls, I am awestruck by the brilliance and complexity of human mind by binge watching season after season of psycho thriller series!


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