The State of UAE Healthcare

15 Jan, 2018 - Education & Healthcare
Arab Health

Private healthcare in the GCC is big business. Government managed healthcare services in the region cater to emergencies and are free to access for all, however the majority of services take place in privately run institutions in an industry worth billions. In a recent study by MENA Research partners, the UAE healthcare market is projected to reach AED103 billion by 2021.

According to the World Health Organisation, the UAE’s living habits are contributing to the growth of its healthcare industry. The group estimates that 34% of the population is clinically obese and that almost 20% suffers from diabetes. In parallel, the UAE attracts hundreds of thousands of medical tourists each year and 2021, approximately 60% of the UAE’s patients will be medical tourists. Consequently, there will be a demand for in related areas of hospital construction and management, research and development, recruitment and training, medical devices and pharmaceutical products, and businesses catering to these products and services will be on an upward trend over the next three years.

Arab Health, one of the largest medical conference and healthcare event in the world, opens its doors on 29th January this year in Dubai. In an increase from the 2017 event, this year’s edition is expected to witness more than 4,200 exhibiting companies and 103,000 attendees from 150+ countries.

This year’s event will see introduction of a Personal healthcare Technology Zone where exhibitors (device manufacturers and service providers) will display the latest in Smart MedTech that connects patients to physicians and hospitals/clinics.

As ever, Arab Health will host a large UK contingent of 180+ exhibitors overseen by ABHI, trade association for the UK MedTech sector. We’re going to be working with the Midlands Engine delegation, helping them with introductions to local companies and facilitating UK-UAE relations in this sector. If you are yet to register for the event you can for free via their website, in advance. If you are a UAE company interested in learning more about profiles and requirements of the visiting delegation of companies, please email me.