Technology in the UAE real estate & construction sector

25 Jun, 2020 - BCB

Like most sectors impacted due to enforced lockdowns, economic contraction and the drop in energy prices, the UAE’s construction industry has witnessed a reduction in the number of new projects being created. However, leading UAE-based construction companies see opportunities in digitalisation and improving the industry by becoming more efficient through the application of technology.

Better visibility & responsibility, speed at resolving issues and effective integration of BIM to further improve efficiencies are three quick wins for the industry. How quickly the sector rebounds will depend on how prepared it is to capitalise on these areas.

As the sector in the UAE faces up to new realities, embracing technology and machine learning will enable the industry to become more streamlined and collaborative through construction tech and proptech applications. Subsequently, this creates opportunities for UK companies specialising in cloud & mobile technology, design, robotics, digital solutions and augmented reality.

Leading construction companies in the UAE such as ALEC are heavily investing in their digital technology operation to create more value and reduce wastage & inefficiencies. On the property side, companies including Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty and LUXHABITAT recently joined forces to create a platform that enables them to capitalise on proptech opportunities where they provide design, marketing and technology support to established real estate players, while disrupting the traditional real estate brokerage model.

It won’t be long before other companies and contractors in the industry follow suit and optimise their digital technology proposition which we see as positive for the continued demand for UK expertise, products & services in this area.

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