Interview with NobleProg: digital transformation opportunities post-COVID

23 Sep, 2020 - BCB

Tell us a little bit about your company
NobleProg is a global training and consultancy organisation. Our Digital Transformation experts help organizations implement new technologies and embrace cultural change. We specialise in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, DevOps, Cloud and much more. Our Dubai hub supports clients across the GCC.

What was the driver for your original decision to set up in the UAE?
We have been supporting the region for many years via our London-based operation, In recent years, we have seen an increase in customers looking for holistic Digital Transformation services, combining the need for cultural Digital Transformation advice, as well as the enablement that well planned learning plans can bring. We established our branch in Dubai to better serve our clients in this fast paced and exciting market.

How has your business progressed in the region relative to your original business plan? 
Despite the downturn in recent months (brought by COVID-19) we have experienced stable growth over the past 2-3 years, we have exceeded revenue targets and we’ve been able to grow our operations locally at a fast, but manageable rate. Our HUB in Dubai, is well placed to support our customer based across the UAE, but also further afield where we’ve built strong relationships with clients in KSA and Egypt.

How has Covid impacted your business in the region?  Do you see more opportunities now; less competition for example?
Traffic, enquiries and business engagement has certainly picked up in the last couple of months and we are experiencing a steady upward curve similar to volumes experienced the year prior. The bounce back is certainly happening and we are excited by the latent demand in the market place. Anticipating that many organisations will now have COVID-19 measures in place and will be preparing budgets for 2021, we anticipate a strong start to the year ahead. Further, we have seen many organisations embrace online solutions. Those that traditionally would insist on conducting training in person are now embracing remote learning. We are especially well placed to deliver training via our own revolutionary online learning solutions.

What two pieces of advice would you give to new companies looking at setting up in the UAE?
Research – establishing and operating a business has it’s nuances in the UAE, it’s important to understand the legal requirements and fees involved at an early stage
Be present – business never sleeps in the UAE, be prepared to be connected and available. There are opportunities for those that take business development seriously.