Tech, Robotics & Automation in the UAE

22 Feb, 2021 - Uncategorized

With the pervading doom & gloom capturing 99% of the news, it’s hard to focus on the chinks of light that are there both despite & because of the situation. Some companies will emerge stronger and others are, somewhat unexpectedly, finding that they have the right model, product or service to thrive.

In this context, robots are proving to be a valuable resource in the battle against Covid-19, facilitating conversation between infected patients & hospital staff and delivering necessities, including medication. At least one robot vendor has used the outbreak to push the abilities of its ‘service robot’: an automaton that can be programmed to answer questions, quiz people on their health and even give tours.

From a Middle Eastern lens, in March of 2019, Dubai was announced to be the world’s most popular destination for international companies looking to invest in smart technologies. From 2015 to 2018, the emirate attracted a total of GBP 15.41 billion in investments for artificial intelligence and robotics, which is said to be the highest in the world.

For UK tech firms and start-ups looking to expand their business and develop their technology further in the Middle East region, the UAE offers the right environment and real market opportunity as both governments and corporations are taking Design & Technology projects and cutting-edge technology to new levels in a bid to become a leader in technology.


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