Education & learning in the UAE

28 Sep, 2021 - Uncategorized

Recent findings show that some of the important skills that humans will need to possess, to be prepared for the future will boil down to Resilience, Agility, Proactivity, Emotional Intelligence and Ability to adapt to new technology advancements. A report by Deloitte Access Economics considers two-thirds of all jobs by 2030 will be made up of soft-skill-intensive occupations, so developing and enhancing these skills is key.

There are a few unknown factors on how society will change, how the subsequent health and economic crises will evolve, and what mindset changes will arise. With this backdrop, it becomes even more vital to inculcate these skills in the future generations where their lives were disrupted by a pandemic that no one saw coming. Therefore, it has to be ensured that children are adequately equipped not only to thrive but to contribute.

Having recognised how critical it is to address the current and future challenges in this space, one of the key themes at the UK pavilion at the Expo this year is ‘How will we learn?’ which will examine how education needs to adapt to equip children for tomorrow’s world. The UK Pavilion will unite Industry leaders and academics to investigate how the education sector is developing the tools and approaches to deliver future focused high quality lifelong learning for everyone.

This will also coincide with GESS Dubai, organised in partnership with the UAE’s Ministry of Education that will provide educators access to the products and solutions that meet the needs of the modern classroom and transform the way students learn.

If you are a UK company looking to expand your offering & presence in the region and meet with over 10,000 educational professionals including key buyers and decision makers, GESS Dubai is the event you cannot afford to miss. Please contact us to know more.