Top 10 tips: Expo 2020 visit & planning

28 Nov, 2021 - BCB

Here are our top 10 tips to planning a successful & enjoyable Expo visit:

  1. Bring comfortable shoes. The Expo site covers the same area as 600 football pitches. You’ll certainly get your steps up!
  2. Bring an empty (recyclable) water bottle. Expo is big on sustainability and fresh water fountains can be found throughout the site.
  3. Visit Britain! The UK Pavilion should be on your list to see – particularly at night.
  4. Come early. Expo gets busier as the day goes on, so come before the crowds and you’ll get the pick of the pavilions.
  5. Come hungry. The food at Expo is a highlight. Many countries showcase their local cuisine at their pavilions, and you can eat your way around the world. Portugal, New Zealand and Belgium all score top culinary marks.
  6. Go off the beaten track. The big countries and their big pavilions are impressive, but have a look at the Pacific Islands, Caribbean countries etc for a really interesting experience.
  7. Plan for more than a day. Given the size of Expo and all there is to see, to do it justice you’ll need to come for two or three days.
  8. Download the App. There are many live events and shows every day and the App is the best way to see what’s on, when & where.
  9. Bring your passport. Buy an Expo passport and get stamps from all the pavilions you visit
  10. Use the metro. Expo sits at the end of the Red Line and there are trains every 5 minutes to and from the city – much the best way to travel.