How Technology will impact jobs of the future

21 Feb, 2022 - BCB

In line with the Expo 2020 vision to foster innovation, the UAE government plays a big role in supporting these companies from the initial idea stage till the implementation of the project to ensure successful market-entry. The number of successful tech start-ups is ever increasing and regardless of the apparent competition, they all share a mutual goal, which is to create solutions that make life easier for the rest of us.

Findings from a study by the McKinsey Global Institute suggests that robots could replace 40-75 million jobs worldwide by 2025. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative aspect as these changes might as well be regarded as opportunities for the future. Given the fact that more and more companies are automating their processes, we can’t help but wonder how these inventions will have an impact on jobs in the future, as one thing is for sure, most jobs either won’t exist or won’t be the same in the years to come.

While this might be worrying, it comes with an equally exciting opportunity for human beings to leave monotone jobs that can easily be replaced with robotics and put the emphasis on creativity and emotional intelligence, both traits that will never be replaced by technology.

With approx. 60% of UAE residents already working remotely, the number is bound to increase in the coming years. The implementation of newer technologies will present an array of opportunities for international companies providing solutions, as well as organisations looking to invest and upskill their workforce.