II: Building Bridges: UK-Saudi Collaborations through the Trade Corridors Initiative

23 May, 2024 - Saudi Arabia

In partnership with the Department for Business and Trade (DBT), a new initiative provides UK companies with access to tailored insights and real-time market intelligence, facilitating their entry into Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Giga-projects. Through this collaboration, UK businesses are empowered to confidently navigate the complexities of the Saudi market and forge successful international partnerships.


A Partnership for Success

The Trade Corridors Initiative, in collaboration with OCO Global’s platform OCO Connect, offers UK companies exclusive access to curated resources, sector-specific reports, and comprehensive guidance. This strategic support system helps UK businesses leverage their strengths and capitalize on opportunities in the Saudi market. Potential partners in Saudi Arabia are encouraged to register on the platform to explore mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships with UK companies.

Strategic B2B Matching Sessions

One of the cornerstones of the initiative has been the organisation of B2B matching sessions. These sessions were strategically held during high-profile events such as the Big 5 construction show and the Leap technology exhibition in Saudi Arabia. By aligning these meetings with major industry events, participating companies could maximize their networking opportunities and engage with potential partners who are at the forefront of their respective fields.

Positive Reception and Feedback

The response from UK companies has been overwhelmingly positive. Attendees praised the high quality and value of the meetings, noting that the sessions provided a unique platform to explore new markets, discover innovative solutions, and forge lasting business relationships. The targeted nature of these sessions meant that companies could connect directly with relevant counterparts, facilitating meaningful discussions and actionable outcomes.

Embracing Digital Communication

In addition to these in-person events, the initiative has embraced the digital age by organising a series of webinars. These online sessions offer UK companies an invaluable opportunity to hear directly from decision-makers involved in Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Giga projects, such as NEOM. Through these webinars, participants gain firsthand insights into the vision and progress of these projects, as well as the potential avenues for collaboration and investment.

Building Trust and Understanding

Feedback from these webinars has been equally enthusiastic. UK companies appreciate the chance to engage with key figures in Saudi Arabia’s transformative initiatives, allowing them to better understand the landscape and identify strategic opportunities. This direct line of communication is instrumental in building trust and fostering a deeper understanding between the two business communities.

Creating Bridges for Innovation and Growth

These initiatives are more than just events; they are bridges connecting two vibrant economies. By bringing together UK and Saudi companies, immediate business deals are facilitated, and groundwork is laid for long-term partnerships that can drive innovation and growth. As efforts expand and refine, the commitment to creating platforms that support and enhance international business relations remains strong.


With support from the initiative, several leading companies gained access to the exclusive Great Futures event in Riyadh. This prestigious gathering brought together over 750 influential future-shapers and decision-makers from the UK and Saudi Arabia across various industries. It provided an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to network and experience world-class creativity and innovation, showcasing how UK expertise and excellence can collaborate to achieve the ambitious goals of Vision 2030. This partnership marks the beginning of a new era of collaboration and success, fostering innovation and driving mutual growth.