Operations Manager

Christina Fordyce

Operations Manager

Name: Christina Fordyce

Position: Business Operations Manager

Home Country: New Zealand

Years spent in the UAE: Eight

Favourite place in the UAE: The Jumeirah Corniche. The combination of the beach, running track and cafes is a perfect combination. I love seeing people out and enjoying what the area has to offer.

Interesting project that you have worked on: I have lead the initial work on the multi-million dollar rebuild of New Zealand’s refugee resettlement and orientation centre.

Piece of advice for doing business in the UAE: You generally don’t need to be able to speak Arabic for doing business in UAE, but learning a few of the key phrases will be well received and will serve you well.

Interesting fact about you: In 1999 I stayed with a local family in Macedonia for six weeks, while locating and selecting Kosova refugees for resettlement to New Zealand.