Export Promotion – New Rules of Engagement

Date: 19th Nov 2020
Location: Online

The Coronavirus pandemic has severely disrupted global trade and has had a destabilising effect on how international business is conducted.

Export Promotion Organisations, across the world, need to rethink how they will help their clients grow exports in the future.

This is not a temporary inconvenience, but a serious inflection point. Simply ‘cutting and pasting’ virtual for physical is not the answer. The solution must be more profound than that – our SMEs deserve, and need, better.

It’s time to Stop, Think & Re-Set.

As we all adjust to new ways of doing business in international trade, we ask:

• What support do companies really need right now?
• Do traditional KPIs still serve exporters?
• What does ‘best in class’ trade support look like in a COVID world?
• What are the new solutions that will help economies grow their exports over the long term?

• What are the New Rules of Engagement?

In this webinar we will answer these questions and suggest new ways of doing business that have been working for our clients – growing exports for SMEs and EDOs alike.

We are delighted to have a panel of experts from OCO Global, and industry, to share their experiences and views;

• Colin McCullough – Trade Director OCO Global
• Suzanne Turmel – Director of Export Development, Opportunities New Brunswick.
• Paul Grossman – Director U.S.A, OCO Global
• Stephen Hughes – Export Consultant (former Enterprise Ireland)
• Jens Manke – Director Germany, OCO Global

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