Gulf Traffic Exhibition

Date: 06th – 08th Dec 2021
Location: Dubai World Trade Centre

The Middle East is making great strides in the adoption of smart mobility as part of the region’s broader smart city visions. With digital transformation at the helm, the Middle East Governments are swiftly adopting smarter, safer, cleaner, and more efficient transportation systems and solutions to improve mobility of the region’s population.

Countries in the Middle East are also becoming more aware of the implications of road safety and are making it a high priority in their development agendas. Governments have stepped up their national road safety campaigns, coordinating efforts to set speed limits and raising awareness of safety measures as well as consequences of not following driving regulations.

With policy makers heavily investing into the latest transport technologies and solutions to make their cities, safer, smarter and more efficient, there is a tremendous opportunity for the Middle East to leap-frog more established transport systems around the world. The annual Traffic and Transpotech Congress covers a broad range of topics such as Infrastructure and Future Mobility, Crowdsourcing and Big Data Analytics, Road Safety and Traffic Solutions, Sustainable Smart Cities and much more.

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