Light Middle East Exhibition

Date: 16th – 18th Jan 2024
Location: Dubai World Trade Centre

In 2023, Light Middle East will launch a second event – Intelligent Building Middle East.

This dual offering will provide an unmatched opportunity for lighting and building services professionals to network, stay abreast of trends and discover new products and solutions as the sector drives towards a smart, safe, secure and sustainable future.

This development comes as technology plays an ever-greater role in how buildings are designed, operated and used. With growing demand for the latest tools – such as intelligent building monitoring systems (BMS), lighting controls and touchless access control systems – buildings of the future need to exhibit smart characteristics that are people-centric, flexibly designed and provide seamless integration of building services.

A key theme for 2023 is innovative ‘designs for the new normal’. Here, the focus is on modern flexible space design that drives the user experience with fit-for-purpose technology.

A sustainable future is high on the agenda, too, with a spotlight on reducing carbon footprint and achieving net-zero buildings. The growing prominence of seamless integration will also feature, covering areas such as building system interoperability, digital transformation and unified communications.

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