BCB September: new & improved Incubator offer; UK SME peer advice; Dubai tech webinar

24 Sep, 2020

Good Morning

Our market-entry incubator platform is where the BCB started, in late 2013.

Since then we’ve helped 45 UK firms set up in the UAE, and we’re pleased to feature a couple of our illustrious alummnis’ experiences below. These are British SMEs who have taken the plunge and are now thriving in the Middle East; their stories are worth listening to!

Building on this foundation, I’m delighted to announce that we have significantly upgraded our Incubator offer over the summer. We are now, proudly, a ‘Certified Incubator’ through Dubai SME and, in relation to this, we can now provide our clients with up to five years’ support and also unlimited work visas.

These changes make our offer even more compelling, but we appreciate that you also still need to have confidence in the market, so the webinar we’re presenting with a host of Dubai government entities on 29/09, focused on the tech sector, should help you build that understanding further.

And if you are new to the market, the deadline for the Dubai Future Accelerators program 2020 covering opportunities in digital technologies, mobility & more has been extended until 30th September 2020.

As ever, please get in touch if we can help.



Industry webinar 29/09/20: Tech sector opportunities post-Covid

Join us next week and learn more on the latest developments and opportunities the UAE’s technology sector has to offer UK firms.

Q&A with an incubator graduate: Engine Group

Find out the drivers behind Engine’s decision to establish presence in the UAE and the advice to UK companies considering Middle East expansion.

Interview with NobleProg: digital transformation opportunities post-Covid

Click HERE to learn more from our incubator graduate client on benefits of setting up in the UAE & opportunities they have availed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia & the UAE.

Dubai Future Accelerators cohort applications – deadline extended!

Click HERE to register and learn more about the Dubai Future Accelerators Fall program 2020 and the opportunities available in healthcare, digital tech, energy & mobility.