BCB’s January Newsletter: TGIF

20 Jan, 2022

Good Morning

Where to start?

The UAE is in the midst of a raft of fundamental changes to labour & employment law, corporate commercial law and even the penal code, all designed to bring the country closer to international norms in terms of workplace legislation, company ownership and societal practices in order to encourage growth in visitors, trade and investment.

These changes are literally being rolled out as I write so we will look to update and advise on these in future months once they have been established and are fully clear.

Your takeaway from this, however, should be that the legal & regulatory environment is fast changing and that you should seek local insight & support if you’re looking to do business here. We can help you with that, and also introduce you into qualified legal & professional advisors as need be.

One thing that is now already ensconced is that we’re all working on Fridays now. As of the start of the year, the UAE has switched to the Monday-Friday working week so we no longer have that fearful dread of receiving calls midst Friday brunch.

Wishing you all a happy 2022.


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