BCB’s May Newsletter: Saudi Arabia #2

27 May, 2024

Good Morning

Back by popular demand….Saudi Arabia!

Our March newsletter featuring Saudi received the most opens, click throughs and direct follow-ups in 10 years of sending out this missive, so we thought we should double down again for May.

Our London-based colleague Hoda gives an update on the recent ‘Great Futures’ UK-KSA summit in Riyadh, and talks about our work leading up to that with DBT on the very successful ‘Trade Corridors’ project where we helped lots of UK firms to engage with buyers and management across a number of the Saudi giga-projects.

We also cover the fast-moving regulatory landscape which is one of the key factors that companies looking at their KSA market entry strategies need to consider in their plans from the outset.

And we highlight the burgeoning (and myth-busting) sustainability movement in KSA and the many initiatives to instil green practices in project design, delivery and operation. This tends to be a surprise to many.

Finally, Steve Duncan from our sister company CStudios writes a second piece on things to consider for your market approach to international expansion.

As ever, we value your feedback and questions and would love to talk Saudi, UAE or Middle East in general if you’re thinking of making the move.



Saudi Arabia regulatory reforms

With over 600 reforms undertaken in recent years, KSA’s regulatory landscape is continuously changing. Find out what these reforms are and their impact on UK businesses.

I: Unleashing the Power of UK Innovation in Saudi Arabia

A key objective of the Trade Corridors Initiative is to connect UK businesses with global opportunities. Learn more on how these initiatives aims to leverage UK’s advanced technology & innovative solutions in KSA.

II: Building Bridges: UK-Saudi Collaborations through the Trade Corridors Initiative

With support from the initiative, several leading companies gained access to the exclusive Great Futures event in Riyadh. Find out how UK companies are succeeding in Saudi Arabia.

Sustainability in Saudi Arabia

The notion of green urban development is receiving traction in KSA as a result of innovative projects. Learn more on how UK companies can offer their expertise within this space.