BCB’s October Newsletter: football in Qatar; food in Saudi; healthcare everywhere

27 Oct, 2022

Good Morning

Over the last few weeks my colleague Nitin has brought to you the UAE’s perspective on the Metaverse and how this is being realised & developed for actual commercial benefit in this part of the world. Being born in the 1970s myself, I’ve been following this with a mixture of bafflement, incredulity and a determination not to be one of the naysayers who, 30 years ago, might also have been writing off the internet as a temporary fad.

But I am absolutely more comfortable back on terra firma talking about developments in healthcare throughout the region and, mixing the new & the old, we are running a webinar with our friends at Santander UK on November 10th that focuses on technology in the health sector and how AI is increasingly being applied.

Also of this world we share insights into the F&B sector in Saudi and a look at Qatar a month out from the World Cup, providing you with something of a visitor’s guide.

We can’t get you tickets for the football, but we can support your company’s growth in Qatar where we know the government & institutions well and also have a first-class network in the private sector meaning we can connect your business to the buyers and markets you need.



Get World Cup ready!

Qatar will host the biggest sporting event in the world & welcome hundreds of thousands of international fans. Find out on how to get World Cup ready & some tips to maneuver through the football madness.

F&B across the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia

Dining at quick service & fast-food restaurants or going to cafe/coffee shops has emerged as a primary way to socialize with friends. Learn more on the interesting trends & opportunities the Saudi F&B market has to offer.

Healthcare in the UAE: pain in my backside

The global hemorrhoids treatment market is expected to value at USD 725.9 million over the forecast period 2022-2030. Learn more on the UAE’s interest and how best to serve the region’s market demands.

Webinar – Middle East: Healthcare trends and the future of AI

Join us on Thursday 10th Nov. along with Santander UK & a leading UAE-based healthcare entity, as we explore the latest healthcare trends & developments across the region.