UK UAE Trade Target Reached Early

30 Dec, 2014 - UAE Life & Economy


The history of the UAE is littered with examples of its friendship with the UK, from military collaboration and the development of trade routes, to imports, exports, and ease of travel and doing business. It was no surprise then that in 2009 (at the height of the world’s worst recession since the 1930’s); both countries announced an ambitious trade target of AED70bn (GBP12bn) to be met by 2015.

In 2013 bilateral trade between the UK and UAE has already surpassed that number to reach AED72bn.

The most exportable UK companies from the BCB’s point of view deal in services and creativity, knowledge and skill. We actively seek out companies that offer intelligence as a commodity rather than those offering a product (although we can facilitate a Representative Office for companies already exporting to the UAE). Tech companies, training firms, marketing & creative agencies, consultants,  designers, and so on will find the BCB an excellent base to assist with Middle East expansion.

We reached our target two years early, and the UAE isn’t slowing down. The UK government is working to help its citizens capitalise on the UAE opportunity and the UAE is happy to facilitate inward investment (not least through their continued support for British companies through the BCB). It’s an over-used cliché in the UAE; however ‘win-win’ seems an appropriate way to end this article