Incubator Services

Our incubator is the only option to register your company onshore while maintaining 100% ownership in the UAE. In partnership with the Dubai Government, the BCB offers a unique solution for low-cost, low-risk market access to the UAE for companies from all over the world. With all administrative requirements (e.g. local sponsor, company registration, visa) taken care of, we ensure that companies can focus all their energy on expanding their Middle East business. So far, more than 35 companies have successfully entered the UAE market through our incubator platform.   BCB - Incubator Services

The UAE is the GCC’s capital for the broad services sector.  Spanning all elements of B2B, B2C & B2G advisory, consultancy & support, there is a burgeoning community of quality international companies who are increasingly successful in winning business from around the region.

The UK’s strong creative sector is well represented within the BCB incubator. With Dubai the established creative hub for the MENA region, the entire eco-system of quality agencies and suppliers sits alongside an increasingly sophisticated client base that continues to favour UK-led solutions, content & ideas.

For companies working with existing distributors and agents for their products, along with other channels to market, a ‘Rep Office’ is an ideal platform to support BD activities on the ground in the UAE. Enabling technical sales, marketing and hands-on client support, companies can grow market share, improve distributor relationships and get closer to the end client through the Rep Office model.

The UAE strives to lead innovation around the world, and is looking to attract companies that use technology across a range of applications. Smart Cities, IoT, Big Data, Accelerators, Disruptive Technology…all are sought by government institutions who want outside expertise to develop their technology capability and platforms in the UAE.

With a large international and transient population, training demands in the UAE are higher than most countries. Led by a large influx of international schools and institutions, the training sector in the UAE continues to grow and develop, in harness with the diversification of the UAE economy.