Practical support on the ground

Business Introductions

In the Middle East, it’s very much a case of ‘who’, rather than ‘what’ you know. Making the most of the BCB’s cumulative sector experience, wide professional network and up-to-date understanding about what’s happening in the business world, we can help you find the contacts you need to develop business in the region. Agents, distributors, suppliers, re-sellers, franchisees, end-customers, representatives, manufacturers: we cover the full spectrum according to your needs.

Market Research

If you’re starting your export journey in the region, the BCB’s bespoke research will help you build your market knowledge and understanding so you’re in a position to make informed decisions about your next commercial steps. What’s the competition doing? How do price-points compare to elsewhere in the world? What’s current market sentiment like? How big is the regional opportunity? Are there any regulatory requirements to be aware of? The BCB can cover all elements of market research so your subsequent commercial plans are based on recent, relevant & accurate market information.

Retainer Program

We work with many of our clients on a medium-long term basis through our retainer service whereby we provide ongoing commercial support in line with pre-agreed parameters & output. This model is more flexible, intuitive and often more valuable too if you already have a presence in market as it means we can move in step with your own BD efforts adjusting to commercial developments as they happen and tailoring our work accordingly.


Market Entry/ Site Selection Analysis

The BCB assists in navigating the complex regulatory and logistical options for company formation in the UAE. We conduct bespoke projects for our clients to identify the best onshore and free zone options for your company, documentation requirements, and potential costs. This cuts down on lengthy arms-length research processes and assists you in getting your business in the UAE up and running more quickly.

Market Entry

Trade Show & Mission Support

The BCB has hosted X trade missions since 2014 and provided local support for a further X inbound trade missions. We manage all elements such as meet-the-buyer events, networking with relevant business groups, commercial & legal briefings, business-to-business meetings and all local logistics requirements.


We can help you plan a your UAE market-entry party, product launch or local client celebration at the British embassies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai or at an external venue.

Expo 2020 Dubai

The BCB can help UK companies who are looking at developing business around Expo 2020 with a wide range of commercial support to help you identify & meet other commercial prospects; our incubator offer also gives you a quick, low cost & compliant set-up option if your Expo contract requires you to be locally established too. All companies who wish to access and tender for procurement opportunities must register directly on the E-sourcing portal:

Expo 2020

Access to Funding

If you’re looking for additional funds for your business, the BCB can help you source both strategic capital and tactical funding in the UAE through a variety of investment sources including crowd, family office and PE.