Shearer Candles: More Success via the BCB

18 May, 2016 - UAE Life & Economy

We are pleased to report that one of our clients, Shearer Candles, now have their products placed in Dubai’s largest department store, Galeries Lafayette at Dubai Mall through an introduction made by the BCB.

Shearer Candles is the UK’s longest established lifestyle candle company set up in 1897 by Mr Shearer and Mr Harvey on the outskirts of Glasgow. Throughout its long history the business has always been family run. When the last of the Shearers retired in 1972 the present owners, the Barnet family, took over and is now in its third generation. While much has changed, the artisanal approach, attention to detail and craftsmanship first pioneered by Mr Shearer and Mr Harvey still underpin everything they do.

Shearer Candles came to the UAE at the end of last year as part of a trade mission organised by Santander for which the BCB organised meetings for them with luxury department stores, premium supermarkets as well as potential distributors.

Of the introductions made, Galeries Lafayette placed their first order with Shearer Candles for almost their entire range of candles and reed diffusers and these have now arrived in store. The display looks fantastic and we are told they are selling well. With Ramadan around the corner, these products will make ideal gifts for friends and family.

Wishing them all the best!

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