Q&A With Emperor’s General Manager, Neil Reynolds

16 Feb, 2017 - Consumer & Retail


What has been your biggest success (in Dubai/region, etc)?

Forming a “beach-head” in the Region (in terms of both new client acquisition and also the creation of an effective wider network of contacts and referrers) is no doubt the main success of the last 18 months since we arrived at the BCB. I guess there have been two notable sides to our revenue generation during this initial period: firstly, and crucially, holding on to all of our existing client relationships; and secondly starting to consistently beat our competitive peer group for new business both in the private and Government sectors.

What has been your biggest surprise (in Dubai/region, etc)?

The relatively low barriers to meeting people in all walks of life, including in particular, access to the boardrooms of the top strata of regional corporates, and the generosity which most of these people are prepared to show with their time if your approach is plausible.

What is your personal highlight in Dubai?

Being told on more than one occasion by prospective clients that they’ve never had anything as professional or thorough or expert put in front of them before by other local firms in our sector.

Why the BCB, & why Dubai?

BCB – because you’re so much more than just an administrative hand holder – you’re much more of a ‘business facilitator’ than it is wise for an incoming SME to expect on day one !

Dubai – because … if you want to be right in amongst the traffic in the region and had to pick only one spot … frankly where else ?

What’s coming next for you and Emperor?

A new service agent, some new offices, some recruitment and off we go.