03 Apr, 2017 - BCB


The eagle eyed amongst you have already spotted the press release being shared by our (new!) colleagues at the end of last week. Whilst I’m keen to amplify this myself, I also want to provide further depth & clarity to these very exciting developments.


This acquisition is great news for the BCB.

By becoming part of OCO’s stable, we’re acquiring a supportive commercial UK shareholder who has extensive global credentials in the fields of foreign investment, trade & export support. For the BCB team in Dubai, it gives us similar long-term continuity; all BCB staff are retained and are central to OCO’s plans for the region.

With regards to our UK plans and remit, it means no change. We remain engaged as DIT’s UAE delivery partner and our drive to support British companies of all sectors and sizes who need our help through the BCB’s Incubator or Trade Services offer is undimmed. Similarly, we remain committed to our partners at Dubai FDI, supporting their inward investment mandate in the UAE.

We also continue to be closely aligned with the two British Business Groups in the UAE who have played such an important part in our corporate journey thus far.

It does, however, give us the ability to support our clients’ export growth & plans in other locations around the world. OCO has teams in the UK, Japan, Germany, France and the USA with affiliate relationships & representation in many other international markets meaning that we can provide the same sort of export support & guidance that we’ve already provided to more than 150 British companies in the UAE, on a much wider scale.

Joining the export dots…