Events and Trade Shows in the GCC

09 Dec, 2018 - BCB

We have operated successfully over the last few years in the UAE whilst supporting several companies make inroads into the market as a potential export market.. But the last couple of months has seen us back companies in other parts of the GCC as well in high value sectors such defence and aerospace. ; case in point, our presence at the Milipol show and the Bahrain International Air show .

Technical innovations pertaining to various fields including public security, defence equipment, telecom security and technologies, firefighting, radiation detection, emergency equipment and law enforcement products were showcased at various shows all through the region; all keyed into region’s huge budgets set aside for its defence and security spend in the coming years.

What is also notable at these shows is that the authorities seemed to have taken it upon themselves to highlight the region as a strategically important location for the aviation sector within this geographical location  and underscore the region’s pro-business environment.

This year we accompanied 3 companies participating at each of these shows that centred around Homeland security/Military/ Defence and Aerospace. Our support to these companies took on the form of research, outreach and pre-arranged meetings with potential partners/ distributors and end customers. Needless to say, this enabled the companies to cover as much ground as possible and tap into real business opportunities whilst they were there.

We would encourage companies within these sectors to keep an eye out for all the upcoming (and important) shows like IDEX and MRO Middle East as there are some certainly some great deals to be cracked there. Please get in touch with us to get more out of your participation and attendance at these shows.