Food & Drink Opportunities in Expo 2020

09 Dec, 2018 - BCB

Expo 2020 Dubai offers many opportunities in the food and beverage sector with equal opportunity given to companies and suppliers from around the world. The Dubai team have launched an e-sourcing portal that allows companies to access and compete for procurement opportunities.

The event is expecting a footfall of 25 million people during the 6-month long event with 70% of visitors projected to come from outside the UAE, representing over 200 nationalities. With such a diverse mix, opportunities across the spectrum in fine dining, snacking, impulse food, food trucks etc. will all come up to provide a well-rounded and inclusive selection of products and cuisines to cater to all taste requirements.

The value of potential food and beverage sales during Expo is estimated at over AED 2 billion from over 200 food outlets spread across the venue. It is estimated that, on average, 85,000 meals will be served every hour!

To learn more about food & drink opportunities around Expo 2020 Dubai, please contact Wura by clicking here.