The Big 5 – Takeaway & Top Trends

28 Nov, 2019 - BCB

In conjunction with the Big 5 this year, the BCB hosted a trade delegation from the South East of England consisting of 10 companies. As part of this mission we hosted a market briefing session in our offices where we invited subject matter experts and industry thought leaders. This was then followed by an interactive Q and A session where the delegates raised queries that ranged from certifications required to challenges and opportunities in the UAE and the region as a whole. During the course of the discussion, the top trends identified in the construction industry boiled down to prefabrication and modular construction, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Developers are seeking ‘plug and play’ solutions for both new projects and the expansion of existing structures. While there are still limitations associated with modular construction, the region’s mega events and giga projects bring with them an urgency to meet challenging construction timelines.

In view of the fast depleting resources an increasing number of architects and engineers are incorporating energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable green design features into buildings as it has become a top priority in recent years for facilities managers, designers, contracting officers, and others; more so in government buildings procurement in recent years.

So, it was indeed a happy coincidence that the cross section of companies has the wherewithal to satisfy these pertinent industry demands.

The UAE’s construction industry will thrive in post-Expo 2020 period due to new initiatives launched by the government, higher oil prices and improving investor confidence in the economy. The industry, which recovered last year following two years of contraction, is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 4.64 per cent during 2019-23.

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