BCB incubator helps win business for UK companies

15 Mar, 2020 - BCB

The BCB incubator provides local presence for companies who are looking at opportunities in the UAE. Moreover, having an office in Dubai creates a great regional hub and can help explore opportunities in the wider MENA region. In fact, one of our clients has recently won business in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and South Africa by virtue of launching through our Dubai incubator.

Having this kind of presence is one of the essential elements for companies looking to expand in the wider-Middle East as business is built on personal relationships. In addition to that, it is often a procurement requirement when applying for tenders with big organisations (private & public sector) to have a local trade license. Many of our clients in the consulting industry are required to have staff work from their client’s office: this person must have a UAE work visa, which is included as part of our incubator package.

With current global travel restrictions having a local entity helps maintain business flow and ensures continuity of operations when remote project management becomes difficult. Having someone on the ground with local knowledge and easy access to clients as well as BD prospects is an obvious business advantage, particularly when your competitors are still trying to operate at arm’s length.

If you are looking for low-risk, professionally supported options to establish in the Middle East, please do get in touch with us and we would be happy to assist.