Every cloud has a silver lining

15 Mar, 2020 - BCB

As the world grapples with one of the most unusual situations it has faced in decades, long held ideas of going about with your daily life, and business, are being redrawn and reimagined.

Unusual times demand unusual measures. Lockdowns of entire regions, something unimaginable just a few weeks ago in are fast becoming the norm. Face-to-face meetings are cancelled, and a good percentage of the workforce are now working remotely.

However, as has always been the case with humanity, we are quickly finding ways to identify opportunity amongst the difficulty. The sudden disruption of social and commercial machinery has spurred innovation and thinking out of the box. More and more enterprises and individuals are finding new, or alternate ways of doing business.

Although Dubai, and the UAE, have always been in the forefront of adopting the latest technological advances into all its sectors, e-meetings and online video interactions were not previously part of the business culture here. It has always been about face-to-face meetingsā€¦until now

So, amid the flux, UK businesses should see this as a blessing in disguise that the culture for virtual meetings is now being adopted by businesses and decision makers in the region.

This starts to open up a previously untapped mode of conducting business here which I recommend all UK business start making use of.