DeliverDXB: disrupting the disrupters

04 May, 2020 - BCB

What do you get when humans and food connect? DeliverDXB! Unlike other food delivery platforms that exist in the UAE, DeliverDXB is a unique ordering platform that enables Dubai-based customers to connect directly with and support local restaurants.

In an industry where third-party food delivery apps including Talabat, Zomato, Uber Eats, Deliveroo etc. are dominant and sometimes charge up to 35% for their part in the chain, DeliverDXB cuts out the intermediary with its distinctive offer of a commission-free ordering platform for local restaurants.

Developed in response to the upsurge in online ordering as a result of CV19 and similarly, the duress that many local eateries found themselves in, DeliverDXB’s offering further resonates with customers by promoting business solidarity: buying local and supporting SMEs.

More than 600 restaurants have already registered with the platform and DeliverDXB is looking to disrupt the disrupters by giving power back to local businesses whilst making a positive difference in the battle for SME survival.

Could this inspire similar concepts across other sectors?