Online shopping: the UAE’s new Consumer Protection Law

23 Mar, 2021 - Uncategorized

With online shopping platforms experiencing skyrocketing sales due to lockdowns, the UAE recently issued a new law to provide consumers in the country a greater degree of consumer protection. This legislation will replace the Federal Consumer Protection Law from 2006, which was the first of its kind in the UAE and introduced much needed regulations and guidance for consumer rights in the country.

Among other areas, the law aims to protect consumers’ rights in creating a safe and suitable environment for consumers to purchase products & services and protect consumer’s religious values. Some of the main changes in the new law apply to vendors, advertisers and e-commerce providers which is significant given the rapid increase in online shopping.

In addition to this, the new law also requires that the consumer’s privacy and data security is protected. The movement of data and private information must not be used in promotional campaigns or used for any type of publicity purposes. This feels very similar to GDPR, and suggests that the authorities will keep a watchful eye on the enforcement of this element in the future.

For UK exporters looking to increase their activity in the UAE you should also be aware that primary contracts relating to the consumer must be in Arabic. Other languages can be used besides this, but Arabic remains the essential.

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