Dubai and the Boat Show

22 Feb, 2022 - BCB

The global recreational boat market is expected to reach USD 28-30 billion by 2022. Building on a rich maritime heritage and with its world-class infrastructure, picturesque coastline, simplified access procedures, open anchorage areas, luxury marinas, diverse sea and land-based experiences, Dubai has become a global yacht tourism magnet and the destination of choice for owners and captains of superyachts, especially in the winter season from October to April.

Last year at the Dubai International Boat Show, Gulf Craft, a UAE-based shipbuilding company premiered the world’s largest composite production superyacht, the Majesty 175, which was sold for USD 35 million. As global demand for boats and yachts is on the rise, worldwide supply is low due to manufacturing and logistic delays, caused by the pandemic-related lockdowns, creating a sellers’ market.

With Dubai being a relationship-based city to do business in, it’s important to show presence in the market. One way in which many international companies (boat builders, engine manufacturers, service providers and boat accessories & marine equipment manufacturers) looking to expand their business, products & services and connect with leading entities across the sector is through the Dubai International Boat Show (9-13 March 2022), the premier and most established boat show in the UAE, GCC and Middle East.

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