Fortifying Futures: Cybersecurity Dominance in the Middle East

16 Feb, 2024 - UAE Life & Economy

With high growth comes opportunities, with opportunities comes exposure, and subsequently, the risk… The Middle East faces a dynamic cybersecurity landscape, with evolving threats and geopolitical tensions amplifying the need for robust defence measures.

Whilst the global cyber security market is estimated to be worth up to GBP 1.9 trillion in the near future, the Middle East’s cybersecurity market is projected to be worth GBP 23.8 billion by 2030. In an increasingly digital landscape, with a significant amount of innovation spearheaded in the UAE, there is an ever-increasing risk of cyber threats. However, with rapid growth, comes opportunity for other UK SMEs and cyber security specialists operating within this domain.

For instance, the cybersecurity sectors in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are poised to take the lead, thanks to their thriving industries, supportive government policies, and attractiveness to industry academics, businesses, and innovation-driven research. With a continuous race to develop the next best in cyber defence, firms across the Middle East and other developing nations such as India and Africa, rapidly look to firms who have tried and have experience.

The UAE’s cyber security market alone, at present is estimated at GBP 0.47 billion in 2024 and continues to grow at a CAGR of 12.72% with an anticipated market size of over GBP 0.85 billion by 2029. For UK SMEs and cyber security solutions providers looking to establish their presence and export their products or services to the region, the UAE and exhibitions such as GITEX Global, Intersec and GISEC – remains a robust launchpad, providing a stable foundation to expand into neighbouring nations including Saudi Arabia, other GCC states, as well as India and Africa.