BCB October: incubator, webinars and food regulations

20 Oct, 2020

Good Morning

Following on from last month’s news on the new structure of our market-entry incubator platform, we’ve received some excellent press coverage and also lots of new enquiries from UK SMEs looking at UAE market entry.

Normally, at this time of year, we’re kicking off on the season’s trade shows, missions & visits, but with so much having moved online this year, we’ve been doing the same and our webinar series with Dubai FDI concludes tomorrow featuring the logistics sector. We are also working with our long-term partners at Santander on their Life Sciences Week with UAE-specific features tomorrow and Thursday. Details for all of this can be found below.

We also bring you a reminder of how important it is to understand the regulatory side of things when doing business in the UAE. Wura, our food & drink expert, provides an update on the latest requirements in this very important sector for UK exports.

As ever, your feedback, comments & questions are appreciated and will be answered swiftly by the BCB team who remain at your disposal for export advice & support into the Middle East.



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