The BCB Five: Cobweb

18 Nov, 2014 - UAE Life & Economy





1. What service does your company offer?

Integrated cloud business solutions that allow companies to work and collaborate freely and securely, wherever they are, at any time.

2. Why have you chosen to expand to the UAE?

We have  established a strong partner network in UAE and we believe that through this network there is a great opportunity to market and deliver our services in the growth market of UAE.

3. Please describe the process of deciding to expand/move onshore, and how your company came to choose the BCB.

We wanted to quickly and cost effectively establish its presence in the UAE. We looked for a partner who could help us do this and the BCB fulfilled that role.

4. What do foresee for your industry in the coming twelve months?

We see very strong demand for cloud services over the next 12 months as more and more companies understand the business benefits of cloud solutions.

5. What types of clients do you have, who should be contacting you for business?

The beauty of cloud solutions is that they are readily scaleable, up or down. With cloud solutions you pay for what you consume. Therefore small businesses can enjoy the full benefits of full feature Enterprise cloud solutions at very low cost.