UAE Floods – What happened across different sectors?

29 Apr, 2024 - UAE Life & Economy

Have you ever thought about how flooding in the UAE affects the economy? It’s pretty clear that certain sectors, like insurance, take a hit because of the damage to goods and properties. Below we highlight some news articles on how they responded/ managed in relation to the unprecedented heavy rains and subsequent floods that transpired in the UAE on 16th April 2024.

  • Following the floods, approximately 10,000 vehicles were damaged, leading to a 40% increase in inquiries for cars, especially SUVs and large 4x4s.

  • Insurance claims shot up by a staggering 400% across home, vehicles, etc.

  • Schools in the UAE opted to online learning, as well as hybrid as a result of the heavy rains and subsequent floods.

  • Extra classes’: As some UAE students return to school after 2 weeks, teachers tackle post-flood challenges

  • 24th April, UAE government announced and allocated GBP 435.6 million to repair the homes of Emirati families.

  • Recent news report indicates that many construction projects in the UAE could face setbacks due to the heavy rains on April 16.

  • Dubai’s Emaar announces free repairs for rain-damaged homes