F&D Companies: Developing Business In The UAE

02 Sep, 2015 - Consumer & Retail


I’ve been working with a few companies I’d like to talk about briefly.

The first is Ulrick and Short, a company which supplies ingredients to manufacturers. Working in food and drink we cover the entire industry, not just the area that sells a final consumer product. Bringing British quality ingredients to the manufacturing stage of food only serves to improve the quality of the final product.

Falcon Foodservice supplies catering equipment and we’ve set up an event at the British Embassy for them. The UK has some of the toughest manufacturing standards in the world so you know that when you buy British you buy something that is safe and will perform. Hotel kitchens are not cheap to fit out so installing the best equipment gives financial peace of mind.

The third company is Watershed. Watershed makes food packaging. It is not well known outside of the food industry that packaging for food must not be 100% recycled material. There can be some recycled material, but all surfaces that touch food must be newly created to ensure food safety. The UAE demands strict standards are adhered to in this regard, so companies looking to enter this area of the market will be from similarly well regulated markets.

At the BCB we don’t just set up companies, we help them develop business. If your business is opening up to expansion leave a message or find me on Linkedin or Twitter.


Catering Equipment by Falcon Foodservice

Catering Equipment by Falcon Foodservice

Image source: FalconFoodservice.com