26 Jan, 2016 - Consumer & Retail


Stories of HH  Sheikh toum’s time as leader of Dubai have become a staple of evening networking events. One of these stories surrounds the building of Jebel Ali Port: “Who would need a port that doesn’t have access to an Ocean?!” we’re told the naysayers cried. Oh how wrong they were.

Similar rumbles can be felt about KIZAD, an enormous industrial area in Abu Dhabi that neighbours a port, one which almost borders Jebel Ali Port and its associated Free Zone and industrial area. But, before we continue, let’s quantify ‘enormous’: KIZAD will eventually be two-thirds of the size of Singapore!

As did Jebel Ali, The Palm Islands, Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai Media City, and others, KIZAD has them talking. We can’t foresee the future, we can’t say that KIZAD is going to be a roaring success. But we can see the past, and if there is one thing history tells us about the UAE; it’s that when a project of this scale gets going it makes a difference.

KIZAD is going to make a difference.

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