BCB Five: Vital Certificates

09 Feb, 2016 - Consumer & Retail


1. What line of business are you in?

Vital Certificates is a specialist attestation services company, that assists clients with the burdonsome task of preparing official documents for use within the UAE and across the GCC. We work with HR functions to simplify the attestation process and reduce administration cost.

2. Why have you chosen to expand to the UAE?

Before setting up in the UAE we had already worked with over 5,000 clients in the UAE. By setting up a branch office in Dubai we believe we will be able to support our clients better, and to win additional valuable contracts through effective networking within the region.

3. Please describe the process of deciding to expand, and how your company came to choose BCB.

Following a period of market research in conjunction with the UKTI team, we undertook a number of visits to the UAE to assess our options. As it was important that we set up as an onshore company, the most cost-effective way to achieve this was through the BCB incubation scheme. The support they were able to offer, in conjunction with various introductions to potential clients meant that choosing the BCB was simple. We weren’t disappointed!

4. What do you foresee for your industry in the coming twelve months?

Employment regulations continue to necessitate our services. The continued growth and investment across the GCC, in particular with Expo 2020, will increase the expat population in the UAE, and hence the need for attestation services to HR functions.

5. Finally, what types of clients do you have, who should be contacting you for business?

In theory, every company and individual has the potential to become a client. We work closely with HR personnel regardless of which nationalities they are hiring. Any company looking to reduce the administration overhead associated with document attestation should contact us to arrange a corporate attestation rate scheme for their new employees. We also regularly assist with company formations where the parent is established outside of the UAE.

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