The BCB Five: Inevert

16 Oct, 2016 - UAE Life & Economy


1. What line of business are you in?

We are a global innovation platform connecting startups & corporates, helping both to Innovate Together.

2. Why have you chosen to expand to the UAE?

UAE for us is a strategic move to better access and service our corporate partners and startups in the MENA region. The UAE offers a great business environment, access to great global talent.

3. Please describe the process of deciding to expand, and how your company came to choose BCB.

For us being a UK company we know and trust that the advice and resources offered to us by the BCB is second to none, the team have been helpful from the start and have always been friendly and patient with us.

4. What do you foresee for your industry in the coming twelve months?

Well globally we are seeing big brands / corporates innovating with startups on a daily basis, so it’s the norm. MENA however it’s just the beginning so for us we see the next 12 months to be all about helping local brands and corporates understand and find better ways to engage and work with startups, so a busy period for all.

5. Finally, what types of clients do you have, who should be contacting you for business?

We work with many Fortune 500 companies, any organisation that needs to innovate, look for new technologies and engage with startups we would love to work and speak with.