Do You Need To Hire a Consultant?

08 Feb, 2017 - Consumer & Retail


The mushrooming of start-ups across the UAE is a sure sign that there is a fair number of entrepreneurs who believe that the market needs ( or must want, rather!) a plethora of services and products. However, this new crop of business owners tend to overlook the presence of scenarios that even established businesses find tricky to deal with. These include, but aren’t limited to cyber security, social media management, quality certifications, marketing or investment decisions. The best way to recognise such impediments and work around them is to enlist the assistance of a consultant, who could be that extra pair of eyes and ears for your enterprise.

A competent consultant could bring to the table a repository of specific skill sets and knowledge. Being subject matter experts who have experience in working with similar sectors within the geography that you operate in, their assistance could prove invaluable. With the exposure they will have had working with several companies, consultants possess in-depth understanding of the business ecosystem, understand and analyse potential problems faster and customise their offering accordingly. However, to be able to tap into this repository of their skills and knowledge, you should be ready to reveal every detail regarding your business, however sensitive it might be. Withholding information could only prove detrimental to your success. Once they are privy to business-critical data, consultants will ensure diligent maintenance of records, which goes a long way in establishing the value of your company.

While there may be many other compelling reasons to hire a consultant, one of the reasons that prove to be the deal clincher for a good number of businesses is the fact that a consultant’s services end up being significantly more cost-effective than hiring a full-time specialist employee to fill in the gap.

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