Meet the team: Vineetha Sony

23 Jun, 2019 - BCB

I ended up in the BCB as a result of a series of fortuitous events. At around the same time that I started looking out for a job after taking a break to raise two kids, a temporary vacancy arose at the BCB to cover for a staff member’s maternity leave. As chance would have it, a full time position opened up just when my temporary contract was about to end and I was offered the role of Trade Manager.
Having a bunch of positive, energetic and supportive people as my colleagues helped me quite a bit to ease myself into the world of export and international trade. Although it appeared daunting and unsettling at the outset, the opportunity to work across hugely varied sectors over the last three years helped me get a more comprehensive overview of the business and the importance of thorough research to understand the client’s line of business and the scope of expectations well before interacting with them. Over the years I have worked with companies in almost every imaginable sector; from Aerospace & Defence to Life sciences to Oil & Gas to Construction; and in a way this has kept things fresh and exciting because I know that no day is going to be the same at the BCB!
From organising events and leading trade missions to developing market research reports and arranging program of appointments with potential partners; it was exciting to be able to support companies across the UK evaluate the UAE (and the region) as a potential export market and help them develop their international trade strategy. In the years that I have spent at the BCB I have built a strong understanding of the how the market operates by virtue of which I have been able to consult companies and give them a realistic view of the scope/relevance of their products and services in the UAE.
This country with its ever floating population has brought its own set of challenges and opportunities for us as a business; as in the past year, we have had old members leaving us and new team members join us. We now have a relatively youthful team of trade managers here and so earlier this year when Joe told me he believes that I could complement their exuberance by using my experience to help guide their course, I took it up as a challenge. Happy to report that so far, I have enjoyed the new role, and that’s got a lot to do with having been blessed with a great team!