BCB’s November newsletter: getting into Expo

30 Nov, 2021

Good Morning

If you’re a regular reader (sufferer) of our newsletters, you’ll know we’ve been looking forward to Expo 2020 Dubai since it was awarded in late 2013 – at practically the same time as we started the BCB.

It’s now here. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Whilst, at the time of writing, international travel might be back in the balance, if you do have the opportunity to visit Expo you should absolutely do so. It is impressive, fun, educational and uplifting – arguably just what the world needs right now.

We share with you here some of the BCB’s team personal experiences and suggestions on visiting Expo and also want to remind you about the unique ‘Scale2Dubai’ scheme which is open for high-growth UK companies to apply to, if you’re looking to build a presence in the region.

Do let us know if you’re planning a visit or otherwise looking for help to grow in the Middle East.


PS. The UAE celebrates its 50th birthday this week, on December 2nd. As such, the BCB & OCO office will be closed for the Jubilee public holiday, on Wednesday& Thursday.


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