BCB’s October Newsletter: It’s Showtime!

31 Oct, 2023

Good Morning

Events season is upon us!

In the last few weeks we’ve seen ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi (for the energy sector) and GITEX and Northstar in Dubai (Tech) which herald the start of a very busy period through to spring next year with multiple major international trade shows, events and conferences happening here.

These remain a great way for new and potential exporters to gauge the market and get a feel for their prospects; for existing traders reconnect with old friends and partners and bring new offerings to the region; and for anyone already established here to refresh and remind the market about their presence.

This month we bring you an overview of the main shows in the calendar, some tips on trade show preparation, some guidance on the do’s & don’t and how to follow up post-trade show.

And finally, for those who are concerned about the travel and safety situation in the region at the moment, we would always refer you to the official UK Government guidance from the FCDO: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice



10 Popular Trade Shows and Exhibitions in the UAE (Between October 2023 – April 2024)
The busy trade shows & exhibition season is upon us yet again. Check out the 10 most popular trade shows taking place in the UAE.

I: How to Prepare for Trade Shows and Exhibitions in the UAE
Trade shows and exhibitions in the UAE can be a great opportunity to expand your business and network with potential clients and partners. Learn more on things to do & consider ahead of the event.

II: Business Do’s & Don’ts at Trade Shows & Exhibitions in the UAE
Participating in trade shows & exhibitions in the UAE requires attention to cultural norms & business etiquette. Find out what they are.

III: Business Engagement in the UAE – Post-Trade Show Follow-up Tips
Effective follow-up is a combination of persistence, patience & personalisation. Check out what you need to do and stay memorable.